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Further use cases

Further use cases

Some exemplary use cases from the varied fields of application of Acta Nova:

Acta Nova Case Management

Case Management

The Acta Nova Case Management Module is an efficient and simple tool for managing the administrative, case-related side of police work. The standard Acta Nova record keeping, workflow and output management functionalities are enhanced to meet the demands of modern law enforcement. More…

Tender preparation with Acta Nova

Tender preparation

Your support processes can also benefit from Acta Nova’s broad versatility. Acta Nova can help you create, approve and follow up on tenders during the tender preparation phase. Make use of various Acta Nova functionalities when preparing tenders. More…

Capturing incoming invoices with Acta Nova

Incoming invoice

Acta Nova supports the incoming invoice process through invoice capture, approval and processing. Furthermore, intelligent input management options help you minimize the cost of data capture, thereby creating a basis for modern incoming invoice management. More…

Applicant Management with Acta Nova

Applicant management

Your Human Resources Management can also benefit from Acta Nova’s broad versatility. With regard to the application process for positions vacant, Acta Nova helps you log applicant data, assign internal appointments for application interviews and take care of communication within the scope of the application process. More…