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re-motion is an open source framework for the efficient development of maintainable and extendible .NET enterprise solutions. The framework resolves complex, repetitive tasks such as configurable security concepts or parallelism that decide on the success or failure of a business application. Developers who work with re-motion can therefore concentrate on the application’s core functionality. In addition to providing a solid basis for application development, re-motion also offers ECM functionality with modules for authorization, document management and workflow management.

Rapid development

You can develop applications with complex domain models and user interfaces quickly and efficiently. An integrated framework for object-relational mapping ensures automatic consistency and enables the submission of LINQ queries. An comprehensive form system takes care of data input and display.


It is easy to read, test and modify application code. The domain, user interface and (optional) application layer are strictly separated. There is no need to create an extensive data access layer.

re-motion transparently handles many complex technical tasks. The application code is therefore largely free from technical details. Open architecture makes it easy to integrate technical components specific to the application with existing components.


An extensive module system based on mixins enables the extension of domain model and user interface by professional developers. An extendible form system and scripting functionality are available for simplified customizing.

Predefined workflow procedures help control and adapt processes handled by a number of people. It is also easy to include external web services.


re-motion forms the basis for simultaneous use by a large number of people. From simple scaling with multiple web servers to safeguarding against inconsistencies in simultaneous transactions.

re-motion applications are multi-client capable (single-instance multi-tenancy) and support client-specific configuration options.


re-motion is made available under the open source license Lesser GPL (version 2.1 or higher). This license also allows it to be used in proprietary applications.

The components for authorization, document management and workflow management are available under Affero GPL (version 3). This license also enables commercial utilization but not for creating and distributing proprietary applications. A commercial license is required to sell or resell programs with these components.
Further information on re-motion is available at www.re-motion.org.