AKM license format tool: calculating and billing royalties

    AKM license format tool: calculating and billing royalties

    AKM Lizenzformat Tool
    The license format tool developed for AKM, the Austrian association of authors, composers and music publishers, converts reports of downloaded or streamed music and songs into a standard format which is subsequently used to calculate royalties and issue the corresponding invoices.

    Royalty calculation for online music made easy

    Online music service providers send lists of music and songs downloaded or streamed online together with the corresponding sales data to AKM in various formats via different channels. These so-called usage reports are imported into the license format tool developed by RUBICON. During this process the initial formats are converted into a standard format capable of further processing and the data contained in the files is verified.

    Royalty calculation and billing

    The royalties due in each case are calculated after a successful import. When calculation is complete, the calculated values are added to the data derived from the usage report in the required format and forwarded for billing. The data written to the export file can be filtered or accumulated as an optional function during the export process.

    If 100% of the rights to the reported usage lie with AKM or partner association AUME (Austro Mechana), then the billing information can be generated directly within the tool, whereby the data is converted into the format required for billing.

    If a share of the rights needs calculating, the corresponding share is transferred from AKM and AUME via an interface to an external application, where it is converted into the appropriate billing format.

    We developed a new kind of model and RUBICON made an important part of the technical implementation possible within a short period of time. We now have a convenient and particularly user-friendly tool in the form of the license format tool for processing incoming usage reports.

    Stefan Schuster, Project Manager AKM