Online Lost Property Office for Citizens

Always and everywhere

An easy-to-use, barrier-free web interface is available for searching for lost and found items – 24/7/365 and via any end device. A loss record is automatically compared with all existing find records.


Supra-regional searches

The search takes lost items from all participating regions and organizations (e.g. public transport companies) into account and significantly increases the hit rate. The search in numerous lost and found offices has finally ended with Nova Find.


Responsive web design

A clearly designed interface supports intuitive searching, regardless of the type of device: PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.


Simply explained



easyfind – you’ll find it ideal!

Items from key fobs to bicycles can be labelled with easyfind accessories. The person who finds your property reports the find on and you are anonymously informed by email and SMS. easyfind is an integral part of the Austrian and Swiss online lost property databases: you are also informed automatically in the event of a find by a participating lost & found office (municipalities, towns, cantons and participating organizations).

There are various kinds of accessories with easyfind codes: you can find tags, stickers, patches and many other accessories in our online shop.

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