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Nova Find

With the Nova Find public screen you provide a 24/7 Lost and Found Service to your passengers. Online, easy to use and multilingual, Nova Find immediately offers possible hits from all networked lost property offices - no matter where, no matter when. Barrier-free and self-explanatory, the input mask enables immediate remedy in a stress situation.

Just give it a try and see how easy the mask is to use. We will certainly find the items listed below for you.

Please note that in this demo version we can only perform one "loss recording" per person.

Video: Nova Find - An Overview

Video: Nova Find - An Overview

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Laura Thürauer
Laura Thürauer Head of Sales Lost & Found
Melanie Blanchard
Melanie Blanchard Sales Manager France, Benelux
Annelies Gundhacker
Annelies Gundhacker Sales Manager DACH
Sandra Mair
Sandra Mair Sales Manager International
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