SwissPass now with easyfind service

As part of a cooperation with the Association of Public Transport and the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways), the easyfind service from RUBICON is now available to all SwissPass users.

SwissPass is the key to mobility and leisure. It serves as a public transport ticket as well as customer loyalty program. The SwissPass is in use throughout Switzerland for even more services such as Mobility Carsharing, Publibike, SwitzerlandMobility and ski passes. In case the versatile card is lost, it now can be found much easier. Thanks to the easyfind service, losers will receive their valuables back quickly, as SBB and partner companies and over 900 lost & found offices throughout Switzerland are able to contact them directly.

As a result of the cooperation between the Public Transport Association and RUBICON, SwissPass users can benefit from the easyfind service free of charge for one year from the date of initial activation.

You are SwissPass user and want to protect it with easyfind? Register it now at!