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Electronic lost & found office

A modern web-based lost & found office solution supports citizen service and promotes e-government coverage. The focus is on sophisticated search technology that enables high return rates, easy management of lost property, reduced communication costs and short storage times to reduce storage costs. Above all, public institutions benefit from a networked online search across all participating systems and databases. Coding systems link personal property from the physical world with the electronic lost & found office and thus sustainably support the citizen service.

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Complaint and request management

The professional handling of inquiries from customers, citizens or employees is essential for service quality. Requests that are received via different channels (e-form, e-mail, telephone, in person, etc.) must be processed and answered quickly. With a modern request and complaint management system, requests can be entered online in your service portal and processed efficiently using a defined workflow. You always have an overview of which request is processed by whom, where it is in the process and which steps are still open.

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Electronic forms / communication

Online forms have become the state-of-the-art way to get in touch with customers and citizens. The necessary information (metadata and documents) can be taken directly from an e-form or e-request for further processing without media discontinuity. Theme-related processes can be started easily and the application data is displayed in the system as subject data without programming. Using simple administration, the inbound data can be assigned in the e-file and conditions can be defined in the workflow.

The use of smart home devices as voice assistants for the communication between citizens and the authorities is an innovative addition to electronic forms. Filing applications and querying the status in administrative procedures becomes much simpler through this. You, too, can also use the new technical possibilities as an additional communication channel to add a new dimension to the communication with your citizens.

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Input management

Every day, a large number of entries come to an authority via different channels (mail, e-mail, portal, online form,...). The manual processing of the inputs takes a lot of time and thus causes ongoing costs. With an integrated inbox management, the entire central information inbox, whether letters, invoices, e-mails or incoming mail, can be automatically recorded, indexed, distributed and efficiently processed.

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Electronic delivery

Authorities have to send a large number of letters and documents, resulting in high postage costs. At the same time, they face the challenge of further consolidating their budgets and improving their services in the sense of a modern service provider. With electronic delivery, it is possible to meet those requirements. Public authorities benefit from more efficient processes and lower costs, while private individuals and companies have convenient access to electronically delivered documents on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

The combination of e-file and e-delivery enables end-to-end e-government from application to delivery. Sending letters electronically and physically is easier, faster, safer and cheaper. Shipments are primarily sent electronically. If undeliverable by electronic means, letters are delivered fully automatically by post. The entire delivery process is fully documented and is verifiable and legally valid in accordance with the current legal provisions.

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Electronic collaboration

Sharing knowledge and experience within the organisation is of central importance also for the authorities. Use of this “social capital”, however, does not a matter of course. There is still big potential for targeted knowledge management and interactive cooperation in the European area. Central communications platforms enable quicker access to knowledge, better project collaboration and communication, and the increase of successful innovations.

Acta Nova offers the ideal basis for e-collaboration. The input of information from everyone who works together on a given subject can be recorded in a structured way. Targeted workflow management makes the work process transparent and ensures completion on time as well as integrated documentation. Moreover, it serves as the central knowledge database by virtue of its comprehensive research possibilities and legally compliant archiving.

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Session Service

Decision-makers often have full calendars and spend a large part of their time in meetings. It is therefore important to organize them professionally and productively. The module "Session Service" enables efficient preparation, conducting, follow-up and administration of meetings in public authorities such as municipalities, city administrations, state parliaments or universities.

The Session Services module provides optimum support for sending session invitations, interdisciplinary cooperation between various departments and the automated creation of session templates. The session management can be individually adapted according to requirements. Processes such as the creation of the agenda, the processing of individual files and processes or the assignment of meeting documents can be handled efficiently using a clear object structure.

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Serve your citizen with Acta Nova

All of these citizen services are available to you with Acta Nova, the comprehensive overall solution for the efficient management of business cases and processes. With included document and workflow management, Acta Nova simplifies the structured handling of business cases and reproduces all stages in a comprehensible manner.

The products of the initiative "serve the citizen":

  • Acta Nova: a product by RUBICON IT GmbH
  • Coding system a product by RUBICON IT GmbH
  • E-forms: a product by aforms2web solutions & services GmbH
  • E-delivery: a product by HPW Duale Zusellsysteme GmbH
  • E-communication & collaboration: products by Unisys Österreich GmbH
  • Session service: an Acta Nova module by TechTalk Software Support Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.

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