Digital processing of inbound post


The problem

Authorities and enterprises receive a large number of incoming items through different channels (post, email, portal, online forms, etc.) at a centralised location on a daily basis. They all need to be forwarded to the right recipient and processed expediently. Processing incoming items takes a lot of time and is therefore a continuous cost factor.

The solution

Acta Nova enables the automated input, distribution and efficient processing of the entire centralised information received by a company or authority. This can apply to the following areas:
  • Invoices: digital input, verification and authorisation of incoming invoices
  • Email: information and documents from digital correspondence do not land isolated in an inbox, but are rather filed in a structured fashion and assigned accordingly
  • Incoming post: fast distribution of information and avoidance of media interruptions


  • Fast input of paper-based and electronic information (Outlook, Exchange, Aformsolution, Canon IRIS, etc.)
  • Full-text indexing for comprehensive searching
  • Simple allocation to the relevant person(s)
  • Linking of incoming items and objects
  • Workflow support for controlling the handling process (standard and ad-hoc workflows)
  • Simple mapping of specific data (e.g. tracking number, supplier, due date)
  • Automated reminders (e.g. to ensure compliance with payment terms)
  • Audit-proof digital archiving of incoming post (e.g. in accordance with legal requirements)

Your benefits

  • All information available at the touch of a button: targeted searching based on document content or metadata
  • Processing without media interruption: merging of scanned paper-based documents and electronic information
  • Transparent process from receipt to archiving
  • Audit-proof documentation of the entire process
  • Customised configuration: work steps can be flexibly adapted to the existing handling and approval process
  • Massively reduced throughput times, increased efficiency and lower costs