Managing enquiries and complaints


The problem

Handling enquiries from customers, citizens and employees professionally is an essential component of service quality. Various enquiries or requests received through different channels (online forms, email, telephone, in person) need to be addressed and answered without delay.

The solution

Logging enquiries centrally in Acta Nova and processing them in a structured manner in accordance with a defined workflow. The system provides a clear overview of which enquiry was processed by whom, what stage of the handling process it is in and the steps remaining until completion. The software therefore enables transparent and efficient processing.


  • Centralized input of enquiries and requests submitted in person or by telephone, email, online form or in writing
  • Categorisation options (e.g. according to enquiry type or urgency)
  • Simple processing: interactive guidance through the work process.
  • The current status of a request is visible at the touch of a button.
  • Automatic monitoring of schedules and deadlines: enables you to quickly recognise problems and find proactive solutions.
  • Easy generation of notifications with the help of document templates. They are dispatched directly from within the system.
  • Statistics and evaluations of definable characteristics (e.g. number/type of enquiries, processing time, status)
  • Option to create a central knowledge database containing frequently asked questions (FAQs) and enquiries
  • Archiving of all enquiries and the associated documents in a central database

Your benefits

  • Reduction in processing time from enquiry receipt to response
  • Workflows support enquiry processing
  • Automated process steps
  • Transparency: clear overview of all incoming enquiries and traceability of the entire handling process
  • Increased service quality and control over compliance with defined service levels
  • Greater efficiency, fewer costs