Input of inbound information without media interruption


The problem

Online forms have become the state-of-the-art way to get in touch with customers and citizens. The question here is how to adopt the information entered into the form smoothly and use it for further processing.

The solution

Acta Nova features an interface for the direct adoption of structured and unstructured data from electronic forms for inbound information. The information required for further processing (metadata and documents) can be taken directly from an e-form or e-application without media discontinuity. Acta Nova therefore offers comprehensive e-government in combination with the form server from aforms2web - from A as in application to Z as in zip file.


  • Barrier-free e-government compliant e-forms in a customised corporate design
  • Simple form creation based on the text module principle with no need for programming knowledge
  • Comprehensive support for national identification and signature technologies
  • Integration of e-payment methods for enabling payment during application submission
  • Adoption of metadata and documents in business case processing without media interruption
  • Form and application data are mapped in the system as technical information
  • Definition of workflow conditions

Your benefits

  • Modern contact option for a better customer/citizen service
  • Shorter throughput times for application processing
  • Lower error rate through the automated adoption of inbound information
  • Simple administration and customisable configuration options

Solution partner

AFORMSOLUTION is Austria’s leading form server by aforms2web. Here you can find the product description.