In Nova Find, a lost item is recorded on average every 30 seconds.

The leading lost property software in europe

Nova Find helps as a web-based lost and found solution to bring back lost items. The focus is on sophisticated search technology and easy management of found objects. The networked search in all participating databases leads to significantly higher return rates. Those who use Nova Find thus save valuable time and money.

2,500 lost property offices already use Nova Find

The lost property solution already makes everyday work easier in over 2,500 lost property offices. As a networked platform, Nova Find is available around the clock and offers rapid assistance in the event of loss. This increases the quality of service, because beloved objects are returned to their owners quickly and without complications. Whether public administration or transport companies - with Nova Find, a large number of found objects can be managed. With over 20 years of experience in the field of lost property, Nova Find is a strong and reliable partner.

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