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The leading lost & found software in Europe.

On average, found items are captured every 30 seconds in Nova Find.

Nova Find, the web-based lost property office solution, fulfills all the requirements of a modern lost and found service. It is founded on sophisticated search technology, a high rate of returned property, simple management of found items, reduced communication costs and short retention times to reduce storage costs. But above all else: networked online searches in every participating database.


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How Nova Find works in practice

How Nova Find works in practice

There are many good reasons for Nova Find. Here are some of them.

Your advantages at a glance

Automatic matching of lost and found items

Fast allocation of losses and finds - every new-found item is automatically crosschecked against every lost property record.

High rate of returned property

Cuts storage time and quickly establishes owners through supraregional research.

Shortened storage period

The fast mediation of finds reduces the storage period of found objects and thus storage costs.

Effort reduction

Lost items can be easily searched online. This significantly reduces communication effort and costs.

Compliance with legal requirements

The legal situation with regard to find fee, finder‘s reward, property claims and periods for storage are observed.

Web application

Nova Find is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution - this eliminates operating costs, but also expenses for hardware and installation.


Each new found object is checked against all existing loss reports, regardless of the input language.

Mobile App

Find and loss reports can also be created via the mobile app, which also uses the integrated camera as a barcode scanner for warehouse management.
Our customers are public institutions and enterprises

The leading Lost & Found solution

30 Mio.

Citizens in 6 countries

2.500 cities & municipalities
5 billion passengers

German Railways
Swiss Federal Railways
Luxembourg Federal Railways
Vienna International Airport
Austrian Post

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