The solution for efficient template and output management.

Communication is at the heart of every business relationship.

Perfectly designed and personalised correspondence is an important component of a successful corporate image.
Document Partner manages document templates and generates and dispatches documents tailored precisely to the needs and wants of your customers: personalised, with information of relevance, at the right time and on every text-based communication channel.

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Document Partner features for various uses

Document Partner at a glance

Central template management

Central template management makes templates and text blocks available across the enterprise. They can be centrally provided and maintained by the appropriate department with no need for programming knowledge.

Document Partner Cockpit

The cockpit enables you to use central company templates Microsoft Office directly on your desktop. Access data from directory services to transfer it to the new document. This allows you to create documents quickly and flexibly in accordance with your corporate design guidelines.

Online and offline rendering

The rendering component generates documents and makes them available to the requesting application in the required format (e.g. Microsoft Office or PDF format). This is possible both online and offline (e.g. in the field).

Individual and mass printing

Fully automated mass printing and individual printing with user interaction are both supported. The documents are handed over to the defined output channels (e.g. printing system, email, SMS and many more).
There are many good reasons to choose Document Partner. See for yourself.

Why Document Partner

Strengthens your brand

Uniform appearance in all text-based communication channels.

Improves customer experience

Personalising and customising text-based communication.

Reduces cost and effort

Simple template creation with no need for programming and faster processing of all written communication.

High usability

Familiar MS Office environment and operation via an intuitive web-application.

Minimises errors and compliance risks

Protected document areas and the use of approved text and image components.

International correspondence

Support of multilingualism and diacritical marks in document templates.

Compatible with popular applications

Standard interfaces (e.g. ERP systems, Acta Nova, SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics and many more)

Systematic production rollout

Staging component for the release and transport of document templates.

Overview and control

Recording of information about processed quantities, printing and consumable materials.

Supports your digital transformation

Rapid conversion to digital communication and cloud computing options.
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