Distinguished with Austria’s National Coat of Arms

RUBICON IT GmbH is a proud recipient of Austria’s national coat of arms – the highest accolade awarded to companies by the Republic of Austria. Bearers of the national coat of arms make exceptional contributions to the Austrian economy. Of the 400,000 enterprises operating in Austria, only around 0.35% bear the national coat of arms.

Austria’s National Coat of Arms

© HBF/ Karlovits

It was with great pleasure and pride that Thomas Kuhta and Christoph Unger accepted the Austrian national coat of arms from Austrian Secretary of State for Industry and Commerce, Dr. Harald Mahrer, on 30 October 2017. RUBICON IT GmbH now belongs to the illustrious group of around 1,400 distinguished Austrian enterprises, which equates to around 0.35% of all Austrian businesses.

The Austrian Coat of Arms is presented exclusively to enterprises that have made a special contribution to Austria’s economy through their outstanding performance and who hold a leading and widely acknowledged position in their respective field. As a technology expert with more than 10 years of experience in the field of eGovernment (including Austria’s lost and found property system) and specialised file management, the 160-strong team at RUBICON delivers an essential contribution.

“The Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Commerce presents this special award in recognition of outstanding performance”, explained Secretary of State for Industry and Commerce Dr. Harald Mahrer. He emphasised the significance of Austria’s national coat of arms as an important indicator of quality and power of innovation.

RUBICON has banked on strong partnerships from the onset to guarantee continuous further development. Close cooperation in the field of research (including with AIT, KIRAS, Austrian State Printing Office, aforms2web, etc.) and project implementation (including adesso, Atos, TechTalk, Unisys) enables a broad scope of specialisation in various subject areas. For instance, RUBICON has counted among the leading software enterprises for DMS, Workflow and Output Management for many years and therefore takes justifiable pride in receiving such an honourable award.