Instructions on how to lose for sure


How many umbrellas have you left behind in your life? And have you been looking for your car since March?
Here are six tips to make sure you lose patience and nerves.



The umbrella and we – a love-hate relationship

We find it annoying rather than practical, as we are happy for it on “horrible” days, but leave it lying around all the time and everywhere. Where does this split relationship with the umbrella come from? On the floor of the train, in the restaurant on the stand – there are so many places where this everyday object is in good hands. Just think all the more of “sunshine” in these moments.


Where is my car?

If you enjoy shopping, you should try towing a moaning child. It’s best on a Saturday. In the Shopping City.

„Yes, honey, I know you’re hungry, hold on to your turtle, I didn’t buy it for nothing. Oh, the mobile always rings at the worst time, can you hold the rabbit of your brother… I cannot get the key out of my pocket… Got him! Where did I park the car? They have animals instead of parking lot numbers? Turtle? Rabbit? Tiger? Oh, God… Honey, did you see the animal we parked next to? … Yes, I know unicorns are your favorite horses, but they don’t exist here… Take your fingers out of your mouth, please! So? Mhm, you have no idea…”


The 1×1 of safe financial transactions

In itself, the ATM is a practical invention: At low tide in the purse, it brings back up your liquidity. It’s only stupid when you forget the most important thing when walking away: your money. Thanks to the hectic of everyday life! If you ever have fate on your side like that, don’t hope money will be pulled back in. Usually there is a happy pedestrian. Very skillful cardholders can also leave the debit card in the ATM, just to make sure!


Waking up with money, keys and mobile phone: like Christmas and Easter at once

Drag yourself with the last remaining energy of the week into the crowded and expensive club in the heart of Vienna. We guarantee that you will spend the evening looking for something. Whether on yourself (in your pocket), with you (in your handbag) or around you (in the club). The subliminal sense of responsibility will always accompany you. Finally, a short stomach sting follows: “Has anyone seen my mobile phone? If all seven things are still there the next morning, it’s like Christmas and Easter at once.


The luggage rack – helper and enemy at the same time

Luggage racks in buses, trains and planes are ideal for storing jackets and coats. And to lose them too. You really want to be sure? Do a good deed! The best thing to do is to help the elderly ladies next to you and put their handbag in front of your own valuables.


Losing for advanced players

A lot of things get lost at public transport stations. Advanced players lose their child and his or her car on the platform. In the supreme discipline you don’t hear the melodious “Please don’t leave your luggage unattended”. The real heroes also have headphones on – these certainly protect against helpful hints.

You don’t think there’s such a thing? Such operations repeatedly bring the police and fire brigade to the limit.

If you are also one of the "lucky losers", the online Lost & Found system in Austria at and in Liechtenstein and Switzerland at will help you.