International licensing of online music

The importance of music streaming in the music market grows continuously. For this reason, AKM and austro mechana are taking the next step with NEON to optimise the enforcement of their members’ copyrights in the field of online music. NEON enables more efficient processing of online usage reports and a more precise assignment of the music titles heard to the authors – not only for music uses within Austria, but also internationally. Thus the royalties can be distributed to the musicians even faster and more accurately.

With the help of NEON, usage reports from 47 countries are now billed – and this with a massive increase in data volume due to the changed consumer behaviour of music listeners. The approximately 11 billion data lines produced each year are processed in a shorter time and with better quality.

How does NEON work?

Learn more about license calculations with NEON, automatic title matching and further practical features of the software in the success story.