Application supports athletes with regard to new career prospects

    Application supports athletes with regard to new career prospects

    KADA - Sport mit Perspektive
    Founded in 2010, the KADA Association provides support to athletes during and after their careers in sports in accordance with the motto “Sport with prospects” by assisting them in relation to professional qualifications, training and job placement to open up new professional opportunities.

    In order to maintain the high standard of quality (a success rate of close to 80%) whilst supporting a growing number of athletes, a modern and easy-to-use web application for efficient management was developed in cooperation with rubicon in the record time of just 3 months. The outstanding competence of KADA employees made it possible to accurately define the technical requirements and quickly implement them in the application.

    Our employees are always up to date thanks to the latest information available centrally to coaches across Austria and can support our athletes even more effectively. We were especially pleased with the degree of professional cooperation during this project.

    Roswitha Stadlober, Managing Director, KADA

    The functional scope of the application covers the following focal points:

    • Athlete management
    • Career guidance consulting
    • Support during potential analysis by way of online questionnaires
    • Support for and documentation of training measures
    • Support during coaching interviews
    • Creation of evaluations and statistics

    Users required very little familiarisation time thanks to the application’s intuitive design and self-explanatory functionalities.