Standardised document creation made easy

    Standardised document creation made easy

    In 2012, the Austrian Ministry of Finance introduced the Document Base Component to enable all departments to create standardised documents. It is now also in successful use at the Ministry of Justice. All documents generated within the scope of the relevant business processes are now uniform and standardised.

    The task

    The ministries were characterised by a heterogeneous landscape of various tools used to generate documents in the course standardised human resource processes that had grown historically. The Document Base Component was intended to enable the efficient, standardised management of document templates and improve output quality whilst simultaneously reducing costs.

    The solution

    Templates created and managed in the central Repository Manager in Document Partner by the specialist department form the basis for the generation of standardised documents. Documents created on the basis of these templates are filled with the relevant data. The result is the generation of technically correct documents (applications, notifications, statements, file memos…) that are subsequently easy to check, edit and amend in Microsoft Word by way of an add-in.

    In addition to its use at the Ministry of Justice, the Document Base Component is also used by the Federal Ministry of Finance (FinanceOnline, transparency database, human resource business processes, customs clearance processes), the Federal Office of Social Affairs and Handicapped Persons (human resource business processes) and the Civil Servants Insurance Corporation (pension account).

    The human resource business processes we designed for the federal government using the new automated IT processes are much more efficient. Whilst the previous process of creating a paper-based file and forwarding it numerous times by way of the internal mail system was time-consuming and also prone to failure, the current process can be handled quickly and in compliance with applicable standards.

    Christian Walter, Project Coordinator of RUBICON IT Gmbh