The Luxembourg Railway (CFL) relies on 100% digital lost & found

The Luxembourg Railway decides on the lost and found system of the future: With Nova Find, the leading lost and found software in Europe, service optimization for passengers as well as increased efficiency for CFL employees is achieved.

Since March 2020, public transport in Luxembourg is free of charge for citizens and tourists. Luxembourg is sending a clear signal in Europe for the attractiveness of public transport. In the course of this development, CFL’s services will be increasingly offered online in the future. The lost and found system will also be completely digitalized.

„We see the introduction of Nova Find as a sustainable investment in the future of the discovery industry. It will enable us to offer our customers an even better service“, explains Tom Felix, tariff administrator at the Luxembourg Railways, his motives. Around 10,000 found objects are registered at CFL every year. „With personal valuables, such as smartphones, keys or wallets, every minute counts.“

Success Story


  • Online-Verlustmeldung mit standardisierten Gegenstandskategorien und -merkmalen
  • Automatischer, sprachunabhängiger Abgleich von Fund- und Verlustmeldungen
  • Mehrsprachige Endkundenkommunikation
  • Automatisierte elektronische Verständigungen
  • Effizienzsteigerung durch Fundwesen-Standardprozesse