Milestone: Swiss Federal Administration uses RUBICON Acta Nova nationwide

Swiss Federal Administration Uses Acta Nova Nationwide

In October 2021, RUBICON celebrated a milestone in digitization together with the Swiss federal government and its partner Atos Switzerland: the nationwide use of the GEVER application Acta Nova in digital business administration.


GEVER-Projektabschluss in Bern


26,000 employees on GEVER application Acta Nova

Since August 2021, all Swiss departments, the Federal Chancellery and the downstream offices of the Swiss federal administration have been working with a digital platform for business administration (called GEVER) for the first time. This means that more than 26,000 employees use a uniform and, above all, stable system for document and workflow management.

Digital document and workflow management

This goal is achieved by digitizing and automating business processes. The corresponding basis for this is the RUBICON solution Acta Nova. In conclusion, this has created a uniform and stable platform. In addition, Acta Nova offers the possibilities of central data storage. Furthermore, the encryption of confidential documents takes place automatically. All of the above points lead to significant optimization.

A practical example: digital processes and signatures allow resolutions to be published much faster. In addition, the time-consuming transport of countless paper copies is eliminated. All in all, this results in significant savings with the Acta Nova platform.

Successful project completion at Bern’s Wankdorf Stadium

The successful project conclusion of the GEVER program was finally officially announced in Bern’s Wankdorf Stadium. Markus Meewes, program manager of the GENOVA implementation project, was visibly proud of the program. After several years, he and his team successfully handed over the program to the line.


Stadion Wankdorf in Bern


Chancellor Thurnherr also praised the joint achievements in a video message. He also particularly emphasized the safe and stable operation. This point was also confirmed by the financial audit.

Ongoing optimization and innovation

However, the introduction of Acta Nova does not mark the end of this project. Processes are being optimized step by step during ongoing operations. In addition, the platform is also constantly being further developed. Important topics include inbound and outbound management as well as digital interaction with countless business partners.


Zahlreiche Gäste beim GEVER-Projektaschluss in Bern


In budgetary terms, the project is a complete success: The budget was adhered to and the operating costs in administration were significantly reduced, as expected. In short, a digital milestone for the Swiss Confederation. We are pleased to be part of this project!

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