Acta Nova

Learn more about the contents and requirements of our Acta Nova trainings.

During this two-day training course you will get an overview of the functionalities of Acta Nova and their possible applications using practical examples. In addition to the basic structure of Acta Nova, you will learn how to handle business objects and the associated functionalities: Entering incoming data, creating and approving outgoing letters, working with technical data and much more.

Document management using an integrated DMS (Document Management System) and the use of the Acta Nova workflow are also part of the training. Furthermore, the linking with master data as well as the creation of relationships and their added value will be covered.

The search and retrieval functionalities are an essential part of Acta Nova, therefore the functionalities available here are described in detail.

Key topics

  • Structure of Acta Nova
  • Dealing with business objects
    • Document management incl. outgoing letters/messages
    • Workflow management
    • Special data from the user’s point of view
  • Master data management
  • Search and research

Current dates:

Vienna: 11.-12.06.2024 | Bern: 19.-20.06.2024

Requirements: Basic Training

During this two-day training course, you will get an overview of the configuration of Acta Nova from a specialist point of view. How can the organisational structure with users and groups be depicted in Acta Nova? What influence does this have on access authorisation? What about roles? These questions are addressed in the topic block dealing with organisational structure. The organisational structure and the authorisation concept are closely linked.

In addition to the rights and role concept, catalogue management is an essential part of specialist administration training. In particular, the configuration options of the file plan or the ordering system and the manifold possibilities of the specialist data are the focus of the training. Integrated template management and the use of document fields from Acta Nova in the templates are also covered.

Using your own examples which need solving, you will be introduced to the specialist configuration of Acta Nova.

Key topics

  • Organisational structure
    • Groups
      • Users
      • Places
      • Structure units
    • Authorisation concept
      • ACLs/ACEs
      • Levels of secrecy
      • Object-specific security
  • Catalogue management
    • Standard catalogue
    • Special data
    • File plan
  • Document template

Current dates:

Vienna: 07.-08.05.2024 | Bern: 16.-17.05.2024

Vorraussetzung: Basic Training & Specialist Administration

During this one-day training, you will learn how to design processes using the graphical process editor and how to allocate them correctly. After this workshop, you will know how to create a process template, what activities exist in process design, and what possibilities Acta Nova offers when allocating process templates. The participants will then have to carry out tasks independently to consolidate their skills in process design with Acta Nova.

Key topics

  • Process design
    • Activity modules
    • Loops/User decisions
  • Process allocation
  • Tasks
    • Checklists
    • Object-related menu options
  • Standard activities

Current dates:

Vienna: 21.05.2024 | Bern: 28.05.2024
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