IT-Kommunal sees itself as an Austrian service provider to towns and municipalities. Its business activities range from IT consulting and project implementation to product adaptation and application operation. The experienced experts at IT-Kommunal boast a large number of best practices, templates and solution approaches developed over the years in cooperation with their customers.

Their products include, among others, RUBICON’s Acta Nova (a fully-fledged electronic file management system), (an electronic form service made available to all Austrian towns and municipalities in 2016), Amtssignatur (binding electronic signature for authorities) and the Citizens’ Concern Management Module (used to document opinions, criticisms and concerns).

RUBICON & IT-Kommunal

IT-Kommunal provides eGovernment services to Austrian municipalities. They include the fully-fledged electronic file administration system Acta Nova and Nova Find, the solution for Austria’s lost and found offices ( Its large customer base enables IT-Kommunal to also provide standardised, cost-effective solutions to small municipalities.