Document Partner: Advanced Level Template Design Vienna

Document Partner Training

Advanced Level: Template design Vienna

14. May 2024
09:00 - 17:00
RUBICON IT GmbH, Wien, Austria
Required attendees total: 4
Target group: Document Designer
Price: € 693,00 excl. VAT (country-specific tax rates will be applied)

This one-day course builds on the Document Partner “Foundation Level Template Design” course and deepens your knowledge of creating complex templates.

XPath, as the basis of the Document Partner controls IF, SELECT and CONTEXT, is explained in detail and practiced using numerous interactive examples. The training enables you to use the entire range of XPath functions to create sophisticated document templates.

Another important topic is the integration of documents in correspondence on the basis of conditions in order to reduce the maintenance effort of correspondence.

Main topics

  • XPath Grundlagen
  • XPath Elemente
    • Axles
    • Node sets
    • Wildcards
    • Operators
    • Funktions
  • Creating complex IF and SELECT conditions
  • Use and possible applications of the CONTEXT element


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