Due to the current situation around the COVID-19 virus all trainings will take place online until further notice. For questions please contact sales@nova-find.eu.


Nova Find

Learn more about the contents of our Nova Find trainings.


Find out how Nova Find makes your daily work in the lost property office easier. Among other things, the following standard processes are covered in the training:

  • Creation of find and loss reports:: You will learn how to record finds and losses, how to deal with pre-recorded finds and how public loss recording works..
  • Search: Various search options support you in your daily work. Learn about the follow-up search, how to search for recorded finds, losses or objects or how to use your own search patterns.
  • Matching of hits: A find matches a reported loss? Find out how to compensate for it and hand the found object over to its owner or, if necessary, separate the compensated objects again.
  • Warehouse management: Nova Find supports you in the management of found objects and storage locations. You can take over and move items and manage storage locations.
  • Creating notifications
  • and lots more