GEVER in the Swiss Federal Administration

    GEVER in the Swiss Federal Administration

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    GEVER has been put into operation in the first Swiss federal offices as a central system for electronic business administration. Since autumn 2021 GEVER is introduced in the Federal Administration. Up to 30,000 federal employees work with the new software based on Acta Nova, a product by RUBICON IT GmbH.

    Following a comprehensive WTO call for tenders, one of the largest IT projects in Switzerland in recent years was launched in September 2016 – the renewal of the central dossier and business management system GEVER. The contract was awarded to the internationally renowned integrator Atos and the Austrian software company RUBICON. With the standard product Acta Nova as dossier management system with document and workflow management features, the RUBICON software represents the backbone of the new GEVER application for the federal government.

    At the heart of GENOVA’s cross-organisational cooperation programme

    The aim of the GENOVA program, which was founded by the federal government, is to enable daily dossier and office work nationwide in all seven departments, the Federal Chancellery, as well as the nearly 90 offices with one standard tool for around 30,000 employees. The Swiss federal administration is relying on Acta Nova as a strategic tool for its ambitious project of digitising administrative processes. With the help of Acta Nova, the business processes of the federal administration are digitised end-to-end and media-free, thus enabling efficient, guideline-compliant handling of business.

    The Federal Chancellery bears the responsibility for the project and, with ISCEco as a service provider, a stable and above all scalable infrastructure architecture has been designed for the coming years, which enables a gradual conversion of the departments and offices.

    For this purpose, bespoke tools were created for the implementation of industrialised migrations, the transfer of order plans, process models as well as a variety of interfaces for the inter- and cross-departmental communication. Acta Nova also serves as a back-end system for the connection of external entities, so that they can carry out their business with the federal administration in the sense of e-government digitally.

    Successful start in the federal offices

    As of April 2018, the first federal offices were already allowed to gradually introduce the new GEVER system in order to put it through its paces in everyday work. In particular, the flexible possibilities available with Acta Nova in the field of workflow and the mapping of subject-specific or topic-specific metadata in the ordering system have convinced.

    “With Acta Nova as a GEVER system, we have used a forward-looking and extremely flexible product that is applied not only for the classic business of the federal government, but also as a project and specialist process platform.”

    Markus Meewes, Federal Project Manager

    As of September 2019, the FOEN (Federal Office for the Environment), one of the largest governmental departments of Switzerland, was able to successfully start operating GEVER. Nearly 40 million business properties were transferred as part of the migration, to enable the employees to continue to work seamlessly on their respective projects in the new federal GEVER system. By the end of 2019, GEVER was introduced in all federal offices of DETEC (Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications) with more than 4,000 users. In addition, RUBICON is constantly developing additional options and features in close coordination with all shareholders.

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