Dashboards & Data Visualization


Clear Data Visualization

Data is playing an increasingly important role for companies and administrations. The clear presentation of large amounts of data can quickly become a challenge.

Custom Solutions offers modern solutions for data visualization. This allows you to generate valuable insights and corresponding added value from your data - even across multiple systems.

Automated Dashboards

The modern Metabase evaluation tool gives you new, in-depth insights into key company figures, for example. Clearly arranged and customizable dashboards show you all important and relevant data for your company at a glance.

As an official Metabase Expert, RUBICON Custom Solutions supports you in the creation and automation of a wide range of queries and dashboards as well as all other dashboard requirements.

Qualitative Data Mining

Adequately prepared data and data quality are essential when creating dashboards. This is where data mining comes into play: when querying via Metabase, all available data from various systems is analyzed and, if necessary, processed. Only in the next step is the data visualized accordingly and then made available via dashboards.

Thanks to the holistic approach, it doesn't matter which systems you work with. On request, the Custom Solutions team will prepare your data so that it can be easily processed and queried via Metabase.

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