DevOps & Agile Software Development


Flexibility guaranteed: Agile Software Development

Software solutions are complex! The probability of knowing exactly what the end product should look like before a project even starts is very low. That's why Custom Solutions teams rely on agile methods.

In agile software development, various frameworks and methods are used. This makes software development more efficient, more flexible and the focus is centered on the user. In addition costs and risks are minimized by this approach.

Scrum and Kanban: The Methods of Choice

There are multiple agile frameworks and methods available out there. Custom Solutions has chosen Scrum and Kanban. What does that mean? In two-week sprints, the teams regularly create increments to keep the feedback loop with customers short. In this way, change requests can be addressed in a timely manner. Through regular retrospectives at the end of each sprint, the teams constantly work on improving their working methods in order to increase their efficiency.

Our definition of DevOps?

Through test automation, deployment automation, loosely coupled architectures, continuous integration, monitoring, test data management, empowered teams and version control for all artifacts, we achieve continuous delivery of software.

In collaboration with Lean Management and Transformational Leadership, we achieve a high level of satisfaction among clients and employees.

DevOps: Optimized Performance

Performance is measured at RUBICON using the following criteria:
  • Lead Time For Changes
  • Deployment Frequency
  • Mean Time to Restore
  • Change Fail Percentage
This allows our customers to respond flexibly and quickly to changing market conditions, reducing their time to market.

Looking for support in the area of software development?

Just contact the Custom Solutions team. The account managers are looking forward to assist you.