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Österreichisches Patentamt

TOPAS: Platform for efficient business case processing

Österreichisches Patentamt

Initial situation: Distributed data management in 12 sub-systems More than 200 experts at the Austrian Patent Office are dedicated to protecting inventions, designs and brands. More […]

Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB

Lost property service of the Swiss Federal Railways SBB

Schweizerische Bundesbahnen

The new lost property service consists of the following components: 1. Lost Property Service App An app for around 7,000 SBB staff for logging property found […]


Application supports the award of the sports and gymnastics badge


A modern and easy-to-use client application was developed in the record-breaking time of just 2 months to efficiently manage the ever-growing number of citizens acquiring the […]

Acta Nova Innsbruck

Acta Nova at Innsbruck municipal authority

Stadt Innsbruck

Initial situation: Replacement of existing software “The introduction of modern file management software for electronic file management was necessary in order to fulfil the complex requirements […]

Lost Property Service at Vienna Airport

Vienna International Airport

The existing Lost & Found system at Vienna Airports Lost Property Office was replaced by Nova Find, Europe’s leading lost property office solution, at the end of 2017. Since its successful implementation, every other found item finds its way back to its owner.

Zürich Versicherung

Insurance broker management and information system

Zürich Versicherungs AG

Initial situation: Distributed data management in 12 sub-systems Broker supervision at Zurich Insurance Co. is organised regionally by sales areas. Information made available to brokers by […]