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Document Base Component standardised document creation made easy

Austrian Ministry of Finance

The task The ministries were characterised by a heterogeneous landscape of various tools used to generate documents in the course standardised human resource processes that had […]

Acta Nova Innsbruck

Acta Nova at Innsbruck municipal authority

City of Innsbruck

Initial situation: Replacement of existing software “The introduction of modern file management software for electronic file management was necessary in order to fulfil the complex requirements […]


SIRENE for SIS II: Schengen Information System in Austria

Federal Criminal Police Office

Initial situation: The technological basis needs to be replaced Police departments and justice authorities in all Schengen member states use the Schengen Information System (SIS) to […]


Application supports the award of the sports and gymnastics badge

Ministry for Sport

A modern and easy-to-use client application was developed in the record-breaking time of just 2 months to efficiently manage the ever-growing number of citizens acquiring the […]

Landtag Baden Württemberg

Electronic petition process

State parliament of Baden-Württemberg

Initial situation: Replacement of existing software Citizens who feel disadvantaged by decisions made by public institutions and authorities can submit a petition to the Landtag. Around […]