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Uniform handling of administrative penalty proceedings

Austrian Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs

The VStV application is the central platform for the handling of administrative penalty proceedings.

L'Office autrichien des brevets

TOPAS: Platform for efficient business case processing

Austrian Patent Office

The application covers every file including all documents and process information. It also includes audit-proof document management and a powerful workflow management system.

Acta Nova at Innsbruck municipal authority

City of Innsbruck

Around 400 users work with Acta Nova as the central tool for business case processing.


Schengen Information System in Austria

Federal Criminal Police Office

The Schengen Information System allows the authorities of the 28 Schengen states to quickly exchange data concerning wanted individuals or stolen property.

COVID-19 Reporting System for Lower Austria

Lower Austrian State Health Agency

The aim of the platform is the simple and comprehensible submission of reports on COVID-19 case numbers and on the utilisation of hospitals in Lower Austria […]

Landtag Baden Württemberg

Electronic petition process

State parliament of Baden-Württemberg

Initial situation: Replacement of existing software Citizens who feel disadvantaged by decisions made by public institutions and authorities can submit a petition to the Landtag. Around […]

Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft

GEVER in the Swiss Federal Administration

Swiss Federal Administration

Up to 30,000 federal employees will work with the new software based on Acta Nova, a product of RUBICON.