Document Partner Cockpit


With the Cockpit, Document Partner provides a smart tool that opens up the entire variety of individual printing – but without having to integrate a specialist application.

This application enables you to use central company templates Microsoft Office directly on your desktop. Access data from directory services to transfer it to the new document. This allows you to create documents quickly and flexibly in accordance with your corporate design guidelines.

Your advatanges

  • Content data from a directory service (e.g. LDAP, Outlook) or entered directly by the user.
  • Direct access to available templates in other languages via drop-down menu.
  • The cockpit and its data fields are adaptable to your requirements and data interface.
  • Add-In for MS Office available: Selection of text blocks and graphic elements for individualization of documents.
  • Support of templates for MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
  • Presentation of document templates in a clear tree structure.
  • Storage of frequently used templates as favourites.