Creating personalised documents


The rendering component that combines templates from the central repository with specific data to generate a document in the required output format is at the heart of every document creation system. Document Partner Rendering is available as both an online and an offline variant.

Online rendering

In the online variant the rendering component is connected to the organisation’s template repository via standardised interfaces such as web services; business data are transferred via a defined XML interface. Document Partner renders the document in the required format (e.g. Microsoft Office or PDF format) and makes it available to the requesting application. The application then carries out the subsequent steps: distribution of documents to recipients, storage in a proprietary database, transfer to the corporate document management or archiving system.

Offline rendering

Document Partner Rendering is available as an offline variant for employees working in the field. In this case a local version of the template repository is used. It enables employees to create documents in the field at any time on the basis of your corporate templates.