Fully automated document generation with no user interaction


The problem

Large document volumes (e.g. invoices, policies, contracts, etc.) are part of everyday business for many companies. Documents should be created quickly and each one dispatched cost-efficiently through the best possible communication channel.

The solution

Document Partner is designed to offer scalability and enable the generation and processing of large volumes of business documents. They are generated without user interaction and sent to the communication channel preferred by the customer: email, post, web platform, SMS, etc. You can also archive all of the correspondence in a document management system of your choice. If you have your documents printed by a service provider, Document Partner can control the printing and enveloping line to print, envelope and dispatch documents fully automatically. This functionality in combination with a suitable postal service provider helps reduce costs.


  • Access to the central template repositoryr
  • Fully automated document generationr
  • Data inclusion via XML interfacer
  • Fully automated control of printing linesr
  • Control of enveloping and handover to the postal service provider

Your benefits

  • Fully automatic process control for document creation to dispatch
  • High-performance rendering units for generating large document volumes
  • Selection of the best communication channel for each customer via multi-channel output: print, post, email, web portal, file systems, etc.
  • Intelligent assembly and selection of the postal service provider saves time, paper, printing and postage costs
  • Simple integration in existing system landscapes thanks to service-oriented architecture