Creating individualised documents locally at the workstation


The problem

Processing frequently recurring business cases (e.g. claims reports, employment references, etc.) requires personalised correspondence that is subject to particular specifications: compliance with corporate design, integration of data from specialised systems, use of text modules and the protection of sensitive document elements from processing.

The solution

Individual printing enables the adaptation of automatically generated documents. They are generated by the specific application and automatically filled with business data. The processor can then edit the document, insert text modules and select the best communication channel: documents can be printed immediately at the workstation, for instance, or sent to a central printing service provider or dispatched by email. Standardised template formats ensure that all documents have the same style and the same fonts in keeping with corporate design. Sensitive document elements can be given targeted protection from modification.


  • Standardised format templates ensure compliance with corporate design
  • Inclusion of business data from technical systems (SAP, MS SharePoint, MS Dynamics, etc.) via XML interface
  • Customised editing of the document by the processor
  • Utilisation of pre-defined text modules
  • Draft watermark for all documents pending final approval
  • Selection of the best communication channel
  • Automatic archiving in your company’s document management or archiving system

Your benefits

  • Semi-automated document creation saves time and money
  • Compliance with corporate design assured through centralised template management
  • Legal security assured through protected passages such as logos, headers, footers, etc.
  • Reduction of error sources through reusable text modules
  • Selection of the best communication channel for each customer via multi-channel output: print, post, email, web portal, file systems, etc..