Easily offer services online

The problem

It is becoming increasingly important for public authorities to offer their services also digitally. But citizen services can be very time-consuming, both in terms of application and processing. How can they be offered and processed online without much effort?

The solution

With the Acta Nova Dialog Portal, citizen services as well as internal processes can be offered digitally from within the records management system and without programming. It enables citizens to do administrative errands conveniently online - barrier-free, around the clock and on all devices. Administrative processes become more efficient, transparent and cost-effective.

How it works

The Dialog Portal is an extension module for specific versions of Acta Nova. All important information for the respective citizen service to be offered online can be taken directly from Acta Nova.

In the first step, the dialog screens for the various business processes are specified and it is defined which service processes, such as the registration of a new residence, they should initiate. Then the necessary process definitions are entered (which input fields are required?) and the responsibilities and access rights are defined. An intelligent dialog form is then generated from Acta Nova at the touch of a button. Now the service description, download links and, if applicable, fees can be added. The layout can also be customized. The new service is then published in the Dialog Portal. Independently and without much prior technical knowledge.

One portal for all administrative services

The portal enables citizens to start a virtual dialog with the organization. After logging in, targeted services are offered to different consumers. The processing progress and feedback on the request can be viewed in the portal and can be answered without media disruption. Notifications are also available.

The Acta Nova Dialog Portal can also be used for internal services and workflows. Vacation requests, expense reports or sick notes can be prepared in just a few steps and processed via the Dialog Portal.


Your advantages

  • Provision of an online portal incl. authentication
  • Publishing of products and services
  • Definition via special data from the records management system
  • Definition of business rules in the records management system
  • Consideration of validations and business rules in the online form
  • Easily adapt the form design (with drag and drop)
  • Direct access to data from the records management system
  • Use of business partners from record management as a user context
  • Notification and response options out of the portal
  • Media break-free communication with the business partner
  • Accessibility (WAI AA) incl. a (customised) responsive design
Acta Nova Dialog Portal Video

Video: Get to know the Acta Nova Dialog Portal

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