Services around Acta Nova

We will not simply leave you to fend for yourself after the acquisition of Acta Nova: we will help you with rolling out and using Acta Nova on a daily basis - we can even take over the operation of the software for you if you prefer. You will be able to concentrate fully on your core business.

Introduction consultation

Many factors need to be taken into consideration when introducing such a comprehensive solution with document and workflow management. Our experts will advise you from an organisational, functional and technical viewpoint. From the analysis and conception solution to the integration of technical systems and from workflow design to template design and much more.


The infrastructure experts will advise you on the installation and configuration of Acta Nova. The software is installed, configured and taken into operation in consideration of system conditions and the required dimensioning.

Operation management

Modern business case processing requires not only a mature software solution, but also an appropriate IT environment. We can offer you targeted support in relation to IT environment maintenance and has a broad portfolio of operation management services you can make use of as and when required. This minimizes risks and enables you to concentrate on your core business.

Documentation and monitoring

Operating an IT infrastructure and entering technical data are complex tasks. We help you to determine the operating parameters and draws up an operating manual and architecture diagram to maintain a clear overview.


Our training sessions impart the know-how users, technicians and administrators need to work efficiently and smoothly with Acta Nova in your company. Special training programmes tailored to your specific circumstances are also available in addition to standard training.


We have developed numerous practical additional functions so you can adapt Acta Nova to better suit your specific requirements. There are more than 50 modules, for instance to apply official authority signatures, query the central population register, make AutoComplete adjustments, export to Excel and many more. Customizing is also possible via Workflow definitions, web services, OBLx, DLL, etc.


We also provide support for updating your Acta Nova environment. Routine software updates ensure that you always benefit from the latest Acta Nova functions.