Electronic invoice processing


The problem

Where is the invoice? Is everything posted? Who is responsible for the invoice? Invoices pass through various company departments from receipt to verification, payment authorisation and accounting. This process takes time and maintaining a clear overview is not always easy.

The solution

Acta Nova ensures simple, fast and transparent invoice handling processes. Incoming invoices are automatically logged and forwarded via workflow to the relevant processor. The entire invoice-handling process is comprehensibly mapped in a central web-based application used by all the participants.



  • Simple processing: graphic workflows guides the processor through the work processes
  • Automatic data extraction and classification (pre-sorting) of incoming invoices
  • Automatic checks for duplicate invoices on data input
  • Simple connection of all common ERP and accounting systems
  • Invoice documents and information archived in accordance with legal requirements
  • Deadline and reminder function to ensure compliance with payments dates
  • Software configuration adaptable to the company’s specific invoice verification and approval process

Your benefits

  • Significantly shorter throughput times
  • Fewer manual processing steps
  • Fewer potential error sources
  • Transparency and comprehensive traceability of all invoice-related processes
  • Central information platform: all documents available at the touch of a button
  • Simple compliance with payment deadlines takes advantage of payment discounts and enables a timely end of month closure.