Digitization in business and administration


The problem

Digitization in private commerce and public administration is progressing rapidly. Modern IT equipment is essential to ensure an automated, structured and flexible response to changing demands. Documenting, evaluating and managing knowledge are important steps when it comes to staying abreast of the times and continuously optimising everyday work performance.

The solution

Acta Nova is the ideal tool for mastering the challenges of a rapidly changing world thanks to its flexibility. Traceability and dynamic process orientation are always assured. Examples of the continuous improvement process in digitisation with Acta Nova include:
  • Lead Management: Documentation and structured processing of incoming tasks, research and evaluation from receipt to the generation of serial letters
  • Contract Management: Traceable generation of legally relevant documents
  • Knowledge Management: Structured forwarding of verified information to external recipients to maintain a uniform appearance
Acta Nova Digitalisierung


  • Graphic workflow engine for flexible process control
  • Ad-hoc process adaptation
  • Automation to relieve employees
  • Web interfaces for easy integration of existing systems
  • Audit-proof digital archiving (e.g. in accordance with legal requirements)
  • Mapping of information in the form of technical data (e.g. invoice number, supplier, due date)
  • Automated customer notifications (e.g. by email to update a customer on the latest status of en enquiry or request)

Your benefits

  • Processing without media interruption: simple integration of peripheral systems through standardised interfaces.
  • All information available at the touch of a button: targeted searching based on technical data or full text.
  • Transparent work process and audit-proof documentation of the entire process from receipt to archiving.
  • Historicisation to make information and any related decisions traceable.
  • Customised configuration: work steps can be flexibly adapted to the existing handling and approval process.
  • Reduction to the essential information required by the employee to enable fast and efficient work.