Management of job applications


The problem

The first impression a company makes on a new employee is determined by how the job application is handled. Professional application management is therefore essential to securing the best talent for your enterprise.

The solution

Acta Nova software supports the application process from the receipt of an application to the interview to the employment contract. The entire application management is automated and comprehensibly mapped.

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Process overview

Process overview: manual and automated process steps



  • Automated logging, classification and allocation of applications.
  • Mapping of application details as technical data (e.g. position, desired salary or application source). This data can then be used for evaluations or workflow adjustments.
  • Digital workflow guides everyone involved through the application process. It provides a clear overview of where an application is currently located and the steps still to be completed.
  • Decisions on the choice of applicant can be incorporated directly in the workflow. It is also possible to incorporate specific data such as the desired salary.
  • Applications are filed in electronic form at a central location within the enterprise and are quickly locatable via specific data (e.g. position, desired salary or application source) or a full-text search.
  • The allocation of applications to persons/objects provides an overview of every application submitted by a specific person and makes it possible to easily identify duplicate applications.
  • Schedule monitoring: lets you set reminders for application interviews or reviews.

Your benefits

  • Acceleration and automation of the application process
  • Structured application processing through predefined workflows
  • Information overview: every application available at the touch of a button
  • Comprehensive traceability of all processes and the entire communication with the applicant
  • Audit-proof archiving