Functions at a glance

Acta Nova enables you to map your processes and business cases continuously and comprehensibly in a modern web-based application. It covers every stage of a business case, from incoming receipt to archiving and provides a clear overview of where each business case is in the process and the steps that are still open.

Comprehensive process support from receipt to archiving

1. Input capture

Acta Nova efficiently logs the entire centralised incoming information of an enterprise – regardless of the channel (email, online form, post, etc.) through which they are received. Various interfaces are available for connecting external systems (Outlook, Exchange, Aformsolution, scanner, SharePoint etc.). Existing information such as, for example, the originator, date of receipt and subject line are adopted automatically.

2. Registration

The input information is assigned to new or existing processes within the electronic record. The business case is then allocated to the person(s) responsible by way of integrated workflow management. You can flexibly adapt the workflow to your specific requirements in the graphic process editor. It also enables you to add any amount of technical data to Acta Nova without any programming knowledge. This makes it possible to map specific data in the system. You can also integrate specialist systems and incorporate them in business case processing thanks to tried and tested interfaces and an open web-service architecture. Invoice data, for instance, find their way into your accounting system and master data are synchronised with your address database.

3. Document generation

Acta Nova’s document management system supports the use of subject-specific document templates for creating uniform documents. It is also possible to incorporate property information from the business case such as subject lines, deadlines, recipients, etc. This enables a standardised and rapid generation of documents integrated in business case processing.

4. Approval

Electronic signatures - also with signature components - for the execution of signing processes, such as acknowledgements or joint and final signatures, can be applied within the workflow. The application of an official electronic signature is also supported.

5. Dispatch and delivery

Outgoing documents can be sent directly from Acta Nova via various output channels (post, email, electronic delivery, fax,..) or forwarded to a central post handling office. This enables process handling without media discontinuity, from application to delivery.

6. Archiving

All of your business cases and the associated documents are digitally archived in an audit-proof manner. If required, they can be found using the integrated search mechanisms. Documents can be destroyed automatically in keeping with data protection requirements on expiry of the (statutory) retention period.

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