Electronic records in e-government


The problem

Whether city, municipality, town or university – public administration involves complex processes and extensive documentation. Business cases, documents and correspondence need to be generated, made traceable and archived securely every day in both paper and digital form. Furthermore, business administrations need to ensure compliance with local regulations. Flexible adaptability and extendibility are therefore important aspects of a modern e-file alongside the consideration of basic legal conditions. They enable simple technical processes to mapped directly within the electronic record.

The solution

Acta Nova is the basis for modern e-government solutions. The software offers a comprehensive overall solution for efficient records management and is very flexible and targeted in use, thanks to the structured design of its components. Acta Nova integrates both document and workflow management to enable comprehensive digital business case processing - from inbound post to document management and processing to outbound post and archiving.
70 Tsd.

User within the federal government, states, municipalities and public institutions

Germany - Austria - Switzerland


  • Comprehensive and flexible business case and process handling
  • Document management (DMS) including template administration
  • Workflow management: standardised and ad-hoc adjustable processes are mapped in a graphic editor
  • Dynamic workflow participation and authorisation
  • Intuitive, role-based processing: the user only sees the information he needs in order to efficiently process
  • Simple integration via a number of standardised interfaces to Office, ERP and specific applications
  • Integrated document viewer for fast content review
  • Mobile client for mobile working
  • Outgoing documents can be fully generated or semi-automatically and filled with information from Acta Nova and connected systems
  • Flexible extendibility through specific technical data including the mapping of logic components
  • Legal security through the historicisation of usage and administration data

Your benefits

  • Higher efficiency and lower costs: huge reduction in processing times thanks to standardised, comprehensive processes
  • Flexible and inexpensive: you can adjust and carry out routine maintenance work yourself, such as adaptations to workflow and document templates, authorisation settings, adding specific data to the system and many other such tasks
  • Reduction in manual work steps to relieve employees
  • Handling of all core tasks from incoming application to outgoing notification thanks to processing without media interruption
  • Improved public service and greater ability to provide information: find and distribute information with greater efficiency
  • Transparency: traceability of all processes through historicising processing and workflow
  • Audit-proof archiving of important information and documents
  • Future-proof: continuous further development and consideration of legal aspects for long-term usability

“Serve your citizen” with modern online services

Modern online services enable public authorities to make their services accessible to a broad public beyond the traditional way and to further improve citizen services. As a result, citizens can comfortably do more and more official channels online. Public administration also benefits from more efficient processes and falling costs by the use of service-oriented IT solutions. The "serve your citizen" initiative offers the ideal basis for the implementation of online citizen services. Find out more about the services:

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